So you’re considering lengthening your dreads and wondering about your options and the costs.
At Boho Dreads, we understand that working to a budget and needing a quote upfront is important. We offer quoted prices upfront so there’s no nasty surprises down the track.  I don’t add on surcharges if your hair is thicker or harder to manage, or if you want wispy or blunted ends, or even if you want mixed colours and shades.  The price you’re given is the price you pay.
We offer both synthetic and human hair for our extensions and want you to be as informed about the process as possible to avoid disappointment.
HUMAN HAIR: our supplier stocks 100% Remy human hair in the following lengths:
    15 inch @ $80.00
    18 inch @ $95.00
    20 inch @ $105.00
    and 24 inch @ $115.00
I have no mark-up on these costs and welcome you to supply your own hair if able.  My supplier has free shipping so the prices above are the cost to purchase one weft of hair, each weighing 110 grams.  For a full set of dreads, you need minimum of 2 wefts, and this may increase depending on your desired thickness or for double the length.
It’s important that you understand the length of the hair purchased is not the length of the dread extension final product.  The natural knotting process of dreading makes your hair shrink.  There’s no magic formula that stops this from happening.  Many dread-locticians claim that their method supports very little loss of length… that may be true at the time of installation but believe me – there are thousands of disappointed clients who used these salons only to find their dreads gradually shrank from waist length to shoulder length in the first 12 months.  This is generally because the dreads (and / or extensions) weren’t matted and locked up properly to begin with.  At Boho Dreads, we lock and matt every strand of hair to ensure it’s as dreaded as it can be – that’s what you’re paying us for after all!  Getting your dreads ‘done’ is essentially speeding up the natural dreading process so you don’t have to wait the full 2 years for your hair to mature and emulate ‘proper’ dreads.  You walk in with hair, you walk out with dreads…. it’s that simple.
hair length chart
You’re absolutely welcome to purchase your own human hair for your extensions.  When sourcing hair for your new dread-extensions, keep in mind that dreading the hair will lose around 3 inches of hair.  Additionally, in order to ensure a seamless bond between your existing hair and the new extensions, I overlap and work the dread into where your hair is the strongest.  Extension installation may take away another 2-3 inches.  On top of this, depending on whether you prefer open wispy ends or round blunted ends will determine if you lose any extra length.  For example, if you wanted to purchase 24 inch hair to install open wispy ended dreads as the final product – by the time they are dreaded and added to your existing hair, you may only end up with 16-18 inch dreadlock extensions.  If you wanted blunted ends instead of wispy, you can expect to lose an extra 5-8 inches of hair.  If super length is what you’re after, be sure to get 3-4 wefts of hair.
  PAYMENT PLANS / LAYBY are available for up to 3 months for extensions which enables you to pay any amount at any time for the extensions, as long as the total cost is paid for 3 months after the first payment is made.  PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds on payment plans if the client changes their mind or is unable to fulfill the payment by the end of the third month.  Unfortunately, we have been left with a pile of custom ordered hair and no client in the past.  If you’d like to start a payment plan, click on the ‘Buy Now’ button and you’ll be transferred to PayPal to pay your deposit, then email me to confirm your details, the payment plan you’d like to do and details of the service you’d like.


Blonde shades
Colour mix shades
Brown shades
Black shades
Red shades
Funky shades
Grey shade – can be mixed with any of the above