$45 / hour.

Does your head of locs resemble a neanderthal cave dweller?  Do your dreadlings have sections all morphed together into one big lump?  Do you have lumps and bumps you hate or so much loose hair you can't even tell where your locs start and the regrowth finishes?

We can whip your dreadlocks into shape within a couple of hours to have them neat and tidy for months to come.


New dread creation starting from scratch.  We make your new dreadlings using your own hair, a crochet hook and our hands.
  • $300-shoulder length or shorter.
  • $350-mid-back/bra strap length.
  • $450-waist length.


Don't want to wait for your own hair to grow and want long and lush dreadies now?  We can create your new dreads with seamless extensions to any length you desire.

  • $500: new dreads with shoulder length extensions.
  • $650: new dreads with mid back length extensions.
  • $800: new dreads with waist length extensions.



Have existing dreadies but want them longer? We can colour match your hair and extend your locs to any length or thickness you like.

  • $300 (shoulder length).
  • $450 (mid back length)
  • $600 (waist length)

*all extensions include the cost of the synthetic extensions, installation and maintenance on your existing dreads.  NOTE: human hair extra

Other Services

We don't just create or maintain - other services include clip in dread extensions, half head / sneaky dreads, hair wraps, beads, dread socks and accessories.  We also do dread removal so don't shave your head!

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