The Boho Mission

Our mission is simple... inspire people to live their natural lives, to break free from society's idea of beauty and embrace their own style & identity.


The Boho Story

I've had a not-so-secret obsession with dreads ever since I can remember.  I LOVE THEM - I don't know why... i just do.  I love the way they look on everyone.  No matter if you're 6 or 60, young or old, man or woman, no matter your height, weight, or sexual orientation... everyone can rock the locks.  I love the way they can be strung with beads, hemp cord, embroidery thread and jewellery.  I love how they can be wrapped in scarves, beanies and bands.  There's something primal and free about having dreads, like wild tree branches bending and weaving around the head... such an earthly beauty.  I love the wiggly, fuzzy, loopy bits that naturally occur in a mane of luscious locks.

I finally started my own dread journey at age 33 in 2009 after I quit my job in Australia and traveled to UK for 4 months.  Yes... I waited for 33 years before breaking free of other people's perceptions of 'acceptable' beauty. How silly!  If you want dreads, (or tattoos, or anything else) I say just do it!!


Worried about the lasting effects 'proper' dreads might have on my hair, I invested in temporary dreads which were braided into my existing hair, promising not to damage or permanently inhibit my natural hair if I hated them and wanted them removed.  No big surpise, I adored them.  After a few months of research on the internet, I decided to take the plunge and one by one, those braids were exchanged for knotted up locks, with the extensions crocheted onto the ends for length.

Over the years, I've dreaded and maintained my friends' locks as well as maintaining my own.  I've only ever gone to two other locticians for maintenance, and after meeting Sam from The Dread Shed, I was amazed how well my dreads responded to her working on them. I decided to do her dreadlocks course in 'Loctician Training & Natural Dreadlock Making' to learn her method and, after mastering her technique, I started Boho Dreads.  Since then, I've helped many people embrace their inner hippy and become the dread-heads they always wanted to be.  Maintenance, extensions, new dreads, dread removal, bling and beads... I do it all NATURALLY.  Forget methods involving ripping, excessive backcombing, neglect, twisting, greasing up with wax, dread-perms, rubbing, glues, chemicals or anything else un-natural. I use only a comb, crochet hook and lots of love. You leave my dread-chair with perfectly formed, strong and beautiful dreadlocks.

You walk in with hair... you walk out with dreads... it's that simple.

A word of warning...

Due to our active support of various animal rescue charities as well as our love of animals, we always have lots of cats and dogs around to love.  Our pets are very social and love humans.  They have free-range of the house and whilst we are very clean, we CAN guarantee you won't leave here without having met and petted at least one or two of them.  If you are allergic or dislike animals, I'm afraid I am not the loctician to visit.

However, if you love animals as much as we do, we look forward to seeing you soon : )

So what can you expect during your dreadsformation?

Every dread job differs depending on the client's hair.  Most maintenance sessions only take an hour or two however some locs need a full repair / restructure... it all depends on your dreads. If you're coming for a full head of new dreads (how exciting!) or installation of new extensions, these sessions can take anywhere from 4-10 hours.  Again, it all depends on the client's hair.

I work to a 'do no harm' philosophy: ie no wax, no chemicals, no glue or any other funky crapola in your dreads.  My weapon of choice is a simple crochet hook that will whip your dreadlings into awesome shape.  My dread studio has a comfy chair, huge mirror, TV with your choice of movies from our hard drive, Netflix or collection of DVDs.  There's toilet facilities and a fridge to store any drinks / lunch you need to bring and obviously cats and dogs to give you lots of love.