We can make your new dreads any size, shape or structure you desire.  Prices start from just $250.

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Dread maintenance tightens and neatens all the loose fuzzies into your dreads and keeps them looking and feeling happy and healthy. Normally takes around 2-4 hours depending on your dreads.  Starting from $45 / hr.

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Offering both human and synthetic hair options, of endless colours and shades, we can hook you up with natural, seamless looking locs to extend your existing dreads.  Alternatively, we can start your new dreadlings from scratch complete with extensions all in the one sitting.  Prices start from $300.

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100% Natural Dreads

Inspired by The Dread Shed's three step method for perfect dreadlocks, I transform your hair into gorgeous locs. Forget methods involving ripping, excessive backcombing, neglect, twisting, greasing up with wax, dread-perms, rubbing, glues, chemicals or anything else un-natural. I use only my hands, a comb and crochet hook. You leave my dread-chair with perfectly formed, strong and beautiful dreadlocks.  

You walk in with hair... you walk out with dreads... it's that simple.

Also providing regular maintenance, repair, extensions services with prices starting from $45 / hour.

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Interested in getting dreads...?

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